War on the horizon?

This is the post excerpt.


Americans are traditionally war weary empathetic people… it seems to always take something drastic to get us into war; as it should.

Why do I feel like war is coming? It is a scary feeling to believe at any moment one of many horrible outcomes could occur. Yes, even quicker than climate change. 


This is my first post. Im an american citizen.

I am going to share some thoughts on…well, my thoughts. 

Until next time. 

1 mil a year income

So I saw Jesse Watters grilling Kellyane Conway about how trumps plan may not have a tax cut for people who make over a million a year. 

That is insane. We live in America. We are blessed. Most of us… a big most live in the global 1%. That is pretty crazy. 

Now. Let’s take someone who earns 1,000,000 a year. They are beyond 1%. Their more like .001%. That is gluttonous. I am sorry. That is sooooo gluttonous. You earn it. You are well to do. Pay your taxes and shut up. I am sure you utilize several loopholes to avoid paying the full rate so I will not shed a tear. 

I work hard and have a normal job. I need a tax cut. Im broke. I would like to save and start preparing for retirement. I want to live a little before I die.

Kung f u 

Clearly there is some division. Just remember. Anything that comes from a “box” is what someone wants you to see, hear, know. Facts are interruptable, perception differs, life is not equitous, and mental illness is rampant and misdiagnosed. The answer isn’t in the middle because the facts come from false facts created by sponsored content beamed into our heads by years of institutionalized rhetoric, only to be replaced by Government control, media and hollywood propoganda. 
I am not a racist. I believe we are one race and that is the Human Race. We are strong! We are weak! Man-kind has an unequenchable thirst. Its unquenchable. For what? Everything. Money. Power. Wealth. Sex. Food. Gadgets. Technology. Knowledge. Did I mention greed, wealth, and power? 
No one is uncorruptable. Those who believe they are… thats foolish. Recognize and control. Be modest and humble. Don’t get cocky, jealous, or worse yet avoid hate. 
Hate sucks.
I do not hate. I mean I hate how people act but I love the person. Individuals. Humans. I immensley hate how they act – especially those who fit into the I am uncorruptable, I am so righteous in my cause be damned the consequences.  We have a lot of this egotistical, I am right and you’re wrong hatred. Racism is real but hate is colorblind and its everywhere. We are humans. We are being lead down a very shitty fucking path by people who control our everday. Government. Corporations. MSM. Social Media. Big Banks! How many banks do we need? Remember when banks need our money? Not anymore eh? Cause now they got it and we need it. Through heavy control – taxation on individuals and corporations and on goods – government hooked up banks. Nice. Corps too work it in there and its a symbiotic kind of relationship, you know of the poor get poorer, rich gets richer type of symbiotic relationship.

What is even nuttier, yanno, is the fact that lots of people, people everywhere, are falling for it. 

Sometimes the answer to the question differs. It differs due to perception. Reality changes. We ARE different. We are individuals. But we are the same too. We love. Some of us hate. But most of us just want to live right? Who is keeping us from living? They are. We can turn off our tvs. We can stop reading fox news and cnn. We can give up television completely. We can put down our cell phones and get off of social media. We could potentially begin to live again. The government needs a reality check but in that sentiment, we could deliver that reality check. 

Stop buying. Stop over consuming. Drive it into the ground. The economy will sink. The government will want a bailout. Vote all those motherfuckers out. Lets depress. Its time to feel some pain team. We lived a decadent life. Lets take the beating now while we can still survive it. And get this shit right going forward. Stop hating. Stop listening to how to think and what. Teach your brain to think. Think about it all… it all. Question everything. 

Blah blah blah


Moderates got quiet in the last 4 years. A nation united. But was it. Trump? There is no way WE are UNITED. Trump. If we were united, Trump wouldn’t have been needed. Trump is shock to the septic system that is washington dc. Revolt. Media cries. Liberals melt. Honestly how can you be surprised. You all lied. 

Public education raise our kids – teach us made up shit – hide the true history – poison our minds with indoctrination. 

Our parents. Well they spoil us soooo much because they are either over protective, over compensating for working too much, or they are too poor to actually care or have ability to care. Shit. Do not fear soon we all will be poor and we can not care on welfar or work so much and not have time to care. 

So. We are lied to. We are told we can do anything. I always knew otherwise. I have obvious limits. I am good at one thing – analyzing errors, identyfying root cause of those errors, implementing long term processes eliminate repeat exceptions. So anyways. This is what I do. All the time. I think like this about everything and apply it to decisions others make. I believe if we would all be critical, efficiency minded thinkers we would all be so effective we would not need to be so greedy and gluttonous. Im overly critical of myself and focus on my weaknesses and leverage my strengths to overcome said shortcomings.

I got off topic quickly. 

Disclaimer. The writer of above text is expressing opinions that are probably both stupid and wrong and should be disregarded as poor satire. Thanks 😉 

Rake it up. 


Most biased news.  (DISCLAIMER – Horrible grammar and spelling) 

Literally painting a fucking narative, barely touching facts. Wow. 

John Lennon “Imagine”

What bullshit. Seriously. We build. We destruct. We build. We destruct.

Those who want power and who are ruled by greed are… all of us, actually. But the sick sociopathic ones that rule the world are horrible and villainous.  Haha nerd. 

War is the only thing the poor man has to destabalize the world enough to keep the biggest psychos and socios from joining forces and trully oppressing us. Trufe. 


At least I am an American… humbled by my privilage. But its mine, and I will not share. 

Americans are raw people. War-weary empathetic people. War is expensive. Mostly because we suck at fiscal accounting. Like that bajillion trillion dollhairs the pentagon lost. Ohh yeah. The thing the bush admin covered up. 

Well I am rambling. 

Cnn sucks. Horrible. Eat a raw plantain. 


We are the little creatures that the powers that be watch as we scamper about. We are a science project.

Its a joke. 

Let us take the affordable care act – a lot of this bill is good law. But just enough of it is wrong that when you feed it into the washington, beauracratic, sycophantic, shady, back door dealing machine, you get something that does not work. 

Costs too much. 

For corps and peeps.

See to the gov’ment we all taxpayers. 

Not people. Revenue.

Power, greed.

Its a joke. 

What is the next affront to freedom? What will they take next? Don’t know and probably will not see it coming. Bunker down folks. 

Why didn’t we stop it beforr we got so civilized? 

Power. Greed.