Moderates got quiet in the last 4 years. A nation united. But was it. Trump? There is no way WE are UNITED. Trump. If we were united, Trump wouldn’t have been needed. Trump is shock to the septic system that is washington dc. Revolt. Media cries. Liberals melt. Honestly how can you be surprised. You all lied. 

Public education raise our kids – teach us made up shit – hide the true history – poison our minds with indoctrination. 

Our parents. Well they spoil us soooo much because they are either over protective, over compensating for working too much, or they are too poor to actually care or have ability to care. Shit. Do not fear soon we all will be poor and we can not care on welfar or work so much and not have time to care. 

So. We are lied to. We are told we can do anything. I always knew otherwise. I have obvious limits. I am good at one thing – analyzing errors, identyfying root cause of those errors, implementing long term processes eliminate repeat exceptions. So anyways. This is what I do. All the time. I think like this about everything and apply it to decisions others make. I believe if we would all be critical, efficiency minded thinkers we would all be so effective we would not need to be so greedy and gluttonous. Im overly critical of myself and focus on my weaknesses and leverage my strengths to overcome said shortcomings.

I got off topic quickly. 

Disclaimer. The writer of above text is expressing opinions that are probably both stupid and wrong and should be disregarded as poor satire. Thanks 😉 

Rake it up. 


Author: claytron3ad

Listen. This is all the hypothetical ramblings of a mad man. Should not be taken seriously. Harmless thoughts of an uneducated person.

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