Most biased news.  (DISCLAIMER – Horrible grammar and spelling) 

Literally painting a fucking narative, barely touching facts. Wow. 

John Lennon “Imagine”

What bullshit. Seriously. We build. We destruct. We build. We destruct.

Those who want power and who are ruled by greed are… all of us, actually. But the sick sociopathic ones that rule the world are horrible and villainous.  Haha nerd. 

War is the only thing the poor man has to destabalize the world enough to keep the biggest psychos and socios from joining forces and trully oppressing us. Trufe. 


At least I am an American… humbled by my privilage. But its mine, and I will not share. 

Americans are raw people. War-weary empathetic people. War is expensive. Mostly because we suck at fiscal accounting. Like that bajillion trillion dollhairs the pentagon lost. Ohh yeah. The thing the bush admin covered up. 

Well I am rambling. 

Cnn sucks. Horrible. Eat a raw plantain. 


Author: claytron3ad

Listen. This is all the hypothetical ramblings of a mad man. Should not be taken seriously. Harmless thoughts of an uneducated person.

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