We are the little creatures that the powers that be watch as we scamper about. We are a science project.

Its a joke. 

Let us take the affordable care act – a lot of this bill is good law. But just enough of it is wrong that when you feed it into the washington, beauracratic, sycophantic, shady, back door dealing machine, you get something that does not work. 

Costs too much. 

For corps and peeps.

See to the gov’ment we all taxpayers. 

Not people. Revenue.

Power, greed.

Its a joke. 

What is the next affront to freedom? What will they take next? Don’t know and probably will not see it coming. Bunker down folks. 

Why didn’t we stop it beforr we got so civilized? 

Power. Greed. 


Author: claytron3ad

Listen. This is all the hypothetical ramblings of a mad man. Should not be taken seriously. Harmless thoughts of an uneducated person.

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